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Representatives of Lateral Solutions

Justin White

Justin White is the founder and owner of Lateral Solutions and currently acts as the primary IT business liaison between Lateral Solutions and its South African based clients. Having begun in Actuarial Studies and on seeing a strong global move towards information systems in the 1990s he moved into the business and information technology space covering disciplines from systems and business analysis to development and IT project management. After 13 years in the design, coding and implementation trenches he started Lateral Solutions in 2009. Lateral Solutions is a fresh thinking IT Development Company with a highly skilled team of Software Engineers who provide clients with powerful, scalable and relevant IT solutions perfectly suited to their unique business needs.

Nicole Ringelmann

Nicole Ringelmann is the primary business liaison between Lateral Solutions and its United States based clients. Although having specialised in Baan IV and ERP LN 6 for over 15 years, her in depth knowledge of planning, manufacturing, purchasing, sales and logistical integrations into finance and excellent overall understanding of correlation between business and software requirements has made her the perfect bridge between our US business clients and the South African based software development team.